Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? Ask us! email us at wholesale@destinyhandbags.com 

How do I create an account to purchase from Destiny Handbags?

You must have a valid TAX ID number. You can click on our Starter Bundle link on the left side of the screen. Select what Starter Bundle you would like to start with. We will review your location to make sure we are not saturating a market. Once your approved you will be sent an invoice that must be paid within 48 hours of it being emailed to you. If you fail to pay the invoice you will not be a Wholesale Vendor with Destiny Handbags.

How do I return damaged product?

Email us at cs@destinyhandbags with the issue and we will handle the return with you. We will only repair items that are damaged prior to shipment and it was an error that was overlooked in the inspection process. We do not do refunds on items ever. We will fix a damaged item due to our production. You must notify us at cs@destinyhandbags within 5 days of receipt of the shipment.

What is the minimum order?

We have a $300 minimum order per month to stay a Wholesale Vendor. If you fall below the required minimum for the month we will go to the waiting list of Wholesale Vendors in your area. We will not saturate an area and will watch where people are from when they are joining us. Also we will allow online store owners to be in multiple areas if they are not a brick and mortar store. Once you place your $300 order for the month you are free to order more and not be required to hit $300 for the next order to process. Shipping rates will be determined once we have the order from you.

What are your shipping rates and time frame?

We ship via UPS. Packages are prepared and shipped within 48 hours of payment.  Starter Bundles do require a 2 week lead time for the time being to gauge the bags that are really popular. 

Shipping rates are:

$25.00 flat rate for purchases. If you are doing a small one off order we will contact you to set up a billing price. All minimum monthly orders of $300 or more are $25.00 shipping

Where do you ship from? 

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Fuquay Varina, NC. We are located right outside of Raleigh, NC.

Do you require a specific markup?

You determine the price so the markup is up to YOU!

Can I use your pictures on my social media accounts and website? 

You can use whatever pictures you would like! 

 Do we offer private label?

 Yes we do! We can also come up with a line of fabrics that are just for you! Contact us to set up a design time that we can work together online or if local in person to design a line for your business.