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If you are looking to fire your boss, decide when you get a raise, or just get out of the house and have fun a few nights a month this could be the job for you! 

We offer a weekly training call as well as one on one training. You will get a free website  when you join us.  Earn from 25%+ with Destiny Handbags on your personal sales. We pay you daily for your personal sales via Paypal. You are paid on the 5th of each month for your team downline sales via company check.   Destiny Handbags will also pay your hostess benefits. We offer you Kit Builders as well to expand your kit at a discounted price.

You have the option to select from 3 Starter Kits to start your business

$45.00 Kit

$99.00 Kit



This is a new program we have launched that is in addition to the Designer Program. You are both when you sign up! I wanted to make this something that would work for everyone so you can take the bits and pieces of each program and run with it. The Boutique Program you would buy items from Destiny Handbags in bulk and sell them at home shows. You could do Pop Up Boutiques all over and  online. You set your pricing as you will be buying the items at a huge discount. You will have a lowest suggested retail price that you can not go any lower. But you can set your price to determine if you earn 10-20-30-40 or even 50% on your sales.

If you are ready to sign up today you can click on the link Starter Kit and decide what kit you would like to purchase.





Please contact us at for more information on the opportunity.