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What sets us apart from other handbag wholesale companies?

Destiny Handbags was launched in 2015 by a mom with an extensive background in retail and Direct Sales. After launching Destiny Handbags as a Design Your Own Direct Sales business and being in business for a couple of years Michelle decided to focus on what she loves...SELLING BAGS. The bags are handmade here in the USA using various fabrics that Michelle finds in shops around the USA.

Our Handbags and Accessories

The best part about Destiny Handbags is our it should be. Each bag is made by a seamstress team here in the USA. The fabrics are selected by Michelle and the team. We love stumbling upon a shop that has fabric and finding the perfect fabric for one of our bags. They are unique in we will never do large runs of bags. Each shipment will be a surprise for our wholesale customers. We will offer a wide variety of designs to suit your customer base.  In addition for the major holidays we will have a holiday line that will  be available for each season. These will be pre order and you can order those for your customers as well.


Phase 1 100 Retailers will be accepted into our wholesale program. 

We will watch how your sales volume is growing. We will also take your suggestions into account when we sign on another Retailer near you. We will never allow the territory to become oversaturated. 

In addition we love the idea of teamwork and if you want to network together with other retailers in your market we encourage that. Large vendor events call for a large volume of product and man power. You can work together utilizing each others inventory and customer base for advertising. This is also key to will not have the same items so teaming up you will find someone might have the perfect item for your customer.

This is YOUR Business

This is YOUR business! Destiny Handbags is here to supply you with amazing designs and cheer you on but you can decide how to run your business. Some people love the idea of online parties. Other retailers might prefer weekend events and doing festivals. Perhaps you are in your own boutique already looking to add to your product line. Whatever the situation might be for you we are here to help. You can decide where and how to sell your bags. Want to do this as a team? Invite a friend or business partner to join together with you. You purchase your inventory from us at a wholesale price. We will offer suggested retail pricing. We will also have a lowest sales price that we will allow. This will keep it fair for our wholesale team across the country selling. 

Support from our Sales Office

Michelle has started 2 businesses in the past and has learned the ins and outs of running a business. Being a part of a multi million dollar company and running it has been a passion for her for many years. This is not your typical buy from us but never hear from us type of wholesale business. The team will be supporting you from day 1 with us. We will take part in your online sales if you want, if we are local we will come to your event and showcase the items with you. Not local but want someone to pop in and help with the selling of the items schedule a time with us. We are here to help you be all that you dream to be with Destiny Handbags.


EMAIL: and we will respond within 24 hours to your questions.