Wholesale Info

Selling our Designs

This is fun and the easy part! Once you decide you want to sell our products you will purchase a bundle on our website or email wholesale@destinyhandbags.com for a order sheet. You can email us the order at wholesale@destinyhandbags.com and we will send you an invoice that you pay. If the invoice is not paid within 48 hours we will void the order. 

Orders will ship out as we launch within 2 weeks of your order. We have no way to gauge what bags will be most popular when we launch so we need time to adjust our inventory levels. The bags are handmade and we will begin stocking all of them in larger quantities as we grow. It is our goal to have orders shipped out within 48 hours of shipment once we level our out ordering details.

Items will ship via the UPS. Shipping is $25.00 for your $300.00 wholesale order. Once your order is shipped you will be emailed with a tracking number to track your shipment.

You must purchase $300.00 in a wholesale order to be approved as a vendor. You also must provide us with a TAX ID to be approved to be a wholesale vendor.  You must purchase $300 a month going forward each month. You will be able to order more as the month goes on and not have to do $300 for the next order in that same month. In a 30 day period you must have a $300 order. If you need more items after your $300 order contact us for a shipping price and we can send more items out to you. You can also do a larger order over $300.00

We do allow 1 month a year that you do not have to do the $300 a month. You just need to reach out to us and let us know that you are taking a month off.


If you have a return it must be for a defect to the bag that was not found in inspection. You have 5 days from receipt of the bag to notify us. We will handle the return process from that point and give you a return authorization number. The item will be repaired and shipped back to you.  We will not accept any items back at our warehouse without a return authorization number.


You can sell in your own brick and mortar boutique, online via social media parties, setting up your own online shop, at vendor events, pop up events, or wherever else you would like. Once you buy the bags they are your product to sell how you like. We will have a lowest suggested retail price for the bags but beyond that we do not have any other rules for the bags.

Lastly if you have a certain theme for your business and you want to create a line just for you contact us about our minimums and we can discuss making a line of bags JUST FOR YOU! We can supply you with fabric samples and you tell us how you want the line designed.