About Us

I have been amazed how many items are not made in the USA yet we have vacant warehouses and people who need jobs. I have watched like many of you how our jobs have been moved overseas and wondered what I can do to bring them back. My family moved to North Carolina 17 years ago and I have seen in a once bustling city of fabric and furniture makers empty warehouses. My wish is for a vacant warehouse to soon become a bustling workplace in my small town and helping our community. 

Every lady loves a handbag and one that helps bring manufacturing back to the USA that is an even bigger bonus! I have hired seamstresses here in North Carolina to make the bags. Together we are creating jobs here in the USA with fabrics made in the USA. You can find us online, at vendor events and boutiques around our great nation. We even have Betsy the Bag Wagon our Mobile Boutique to come to you for a fun filled shopping event!

I welcome you to Destiny Handbags! I hope you enjoy the designs as much as we enjoy making them for you. Please feel free to contact us at info@destinyhandbags if you have any questions, concerns or compliments!


Michelle Hodge