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If you need a password reset email 

info@destinyhandbags.com and give us 24 hours to get back to you with your password.

SIGN UP to be a retailer

If you would like to sell our designs you can sign up for a wholesale account by clicking here if you have a Tax ID number. 

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Selling our Designs

This is fun and the easy part! Once you decide you want to sell our products you will purchase items on our website. If you do not have a wholesale account with us your order will be voided. You may only purchase from us with a TAX ID and wholesale account set up with us.

Orders will ship out as within 48 hours or your order and payment. We will charge you for your order at time of order. Your shipping charges will be charged once the box is packed and weighed. You will only pay exact shipping.

You must purchase $250.00 a minimum in a wholesale order to be approved as a vendor. You also must provide us with a TAX ID to be approved to be a wholesale vendor.  Our minimum order will be $250.00 for a order. If you want to design a line for your business we can do that as well. The minimum for that is $750.00 if you want to customize fabrics and designs of bags with us. 

Once you make your first purchase we will advertise your shop on our website and social media pages. Your will have a link to your website on our website.


If you have a return it must be for a defect to the bag that was not found in inspection. You have d2 ays from receipt of the bag to notify us. We will handle the return process from that point and give you a return authorization number. The item will be repaired and shipped back to you.  We will not accept any items back at our warehouse without a return authorization number.


You can sell in your own brick and mortar boutique, online via social media parties, setting up your own online shop, at vendor events, pop up events, or wherever else you would like. Once you buy the bags they are your product to sell how you like.